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Projection Art
"Projection Art" is a unique technology that enables us to project images, messages, etc., on existing building facades, all this without creating any additional structures, scaffoldings, painting or vinyls It's dynamic microprocessor-based system changes the visual environmental with the touch of a button.

The "Projected Art" can vary from commercial messages to social messages and art forms,

"Projection Art" beside being used as an advertisement medium is also extensively used in Stage & Set Designing, for shows and events, in Architectural lighting, in Theme Parks & Amusement Parks.

  MAYA Airlite

MAYA Airlite a new eco-friendly form of signage. A brand new signage system for an increasingly cluttered market.  The need of the hour is to break across the clutter in signages, be innovative yet be cost effective. Attention spans reducing and the need for innovation rising, Maya Airlite offers the perfect solution. A system which can be used innovatively, flexible to fold, easy to transport, set up, logistically scalable as well as economy of price for the value of its innovation. Internally lite and hoisted to varying heights from 5 feet to 15 feet (using a unique patented stand) gives these signage a unique stand in current market scenario.

Airlite is offered in variable sizes and of varying wattages of illumination, these balloons filled with helium or air have the particularity to be composed with covers made of specific treatment materials. Their lighting power guaranties a homogeneous light, non-glaring and without shadows at 360 degrees around. Attention-getting, effective, practical and safe – a guaranteed hit!

Patents protect the lighting system and the composition of the Balloons Envelopes.
These technical assets are conceived by permanent research.

Airlite Balloons are of 1.6 m in diameter, each of them illuminated from within with a 2000 watt lamp. Clusters and assorted arrangements in different venues everyday led to generating awareness and lighting up the brand literally. These Airlites were branded with CLIENT logo on 2 sides and visibility was further enhanced by hoisting these Airlites from 5 to 15 feet achieving a net height of over 20 feet with 2000 watts of illumination per balloon converting to 10, 000 watts ( for a cluster of 5 ) of even, non-glare and soft lighting in busy and heavy footfall areas !!


An intelligent, individualistic visual communication pack.


IVIZPAQTM is the latest offering from Maya Intelligent Entertainment Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A new clutter breaking device keeping in line with company’s goal of providing innovation in the field of advertisement and infotainment. It can be broadly be categorized as a dynamic new media tool which is out of home, directly focused, mobile and  interactive with ability to reach so far “unreachable” audiences utilizing above-the-line, below-the-line, research and business elements.

In this age of  information and knowledge based economy, the need to get a consumer’s attention is getting increasing difficult and the clutter of information from print, TV, radio, internet, outdoors, mobile phone messaging, Telemarketing etc. is overwhelming the consumer. The attention span is getting shorter and ability for advertiser to reach and engage this intelligent consumer getting tougher.

On the other hand, justifying the monies spent on the ad campaigns is also under scrutiny as advertiser’s are bound to question the bottom line and results of their spends.

IVIZPAQTM, an intelligent individualistic visual communication pack addresses the above and more. It is a new media platform to complement already existing media services. However it’s USP is that it is an extremely well focused innovative media tool that can reach a target audience like a “bull’s eye”, it communicates and engages your target audience.

No more handing out leaflets or banner holding promoters or consumer surveys done on random ad-hoc basis with fuzzy focus. This tool allows you to focus clearly upon your target audience and reach them literally. It can then do brand advertising, point of sale, data capture and multi media messaging which all eventually converges into an “objective tool” for the agency as well as advertiser. The system is flexible to suit the products, services and campaigns. It is innovative and so lends a curiosity and novel feel which in turn enhances it penetrative reach and recall value. Its feed back mechanism leads to fine tuning the system for the product and gives the advertiser an insight into the consumer needs.

IVIZPAQTM is worn as a stylish yet compact back pack; it can be worn on the back as well as on the front of the individual. Even TWO IVIZPAQTM s can be worn simultaneously on front and back as the weight of the system is quite negligible. A creative campaign would be able to use this dual display technique with amazing results. (see pic).

Technically speaking: IVIZPAQTM has a battery life of 6-8 hours depending on usage and other parameters such screen brightness, volume etc. which lead to higher power consumption. It has effectively stood the Indian outdoor test in multi-city “Times Now” launch and State Bank of India campaign. It is equipped with a host of user friendly features and allows the promoter to control the content flow, based on client/product needs. IVIZPAQTM is an indigenously product developed by Maya Intelligent Entertainment Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for Indian & Global markets.


Possibilities are limited only by Creatively and Imagination